Create a new document plan

Once Accelerated Text environment is running, you should be able to access Document Plan Editor at http://localhost:8080.

To create a new document plan, press "New document plan", then type the name of the document plan and hit OK.


Upload a data file

Accelerated text works with spreadsheet data in csv format where first row is reserved for column names, for example:

author title
Shakespeare Macbeth
Dante Inferno


Download example data

Attach text blocks

There are many types of blocks in Accelerated Text, but the most basic ones are quote blocks (grey) and data blocks (green).


See results

Text is generated on each change to document plan. You can view results in the sidebar.


Add variations

Sometimes different words can express the same message. One of block can be used for this purpose.


Change data rows

Text is generated for one row at a time. We can change current row in Data section of sidebar.