Root blocks

These are the main blocks for document plans, AMRs and Operations. Only one of these blocks can exists in each plan, they cannot be deleted and are created automatically.

Block Name Description
document-plan Document plan Root block of document plan.
amr AMR Root block of AMR.
operation Operation Root block of Operation.

Document blocks

Document blocks are blocks in Accelerated Text that get directly attached to root.

Block Name Description
segment Segment Text segment roughly represents a single paragraph of text and is available only in Document Plan Editor. Multiple items can be attached to this block.
frame Frame Frame block is a single variant of text and is only available in AMR and DLG editors. Only single item can be attached to this block.
set-variable Variable definition Defines value of specific variable.

Value blocks

Basic building blocks of document plans, AMRs and Operations.

Block Name Description
quote Quote A text that may be changed anytime.
data Data cell Text from specific data row and column. Available in Data section of sidebar.
dictionary-item Dictionay item Word defined in dictionary. Available in Dictionary section of sidebar.
data-modifier Data cell modifier Similar to data cell, with ability to attach another block. Modifies attached block. Available in Data section of sidebar.
dictionary-item-modifier Dictionary item modifier Dictionary item that accepts a block to be modified. Available in Dictionary section of sidebar.
modifier Modifier Accepts a block to upper position that modifies a block attached to lower position.
variable Variable Points to variable definition block. Undefined variables are treated as parameters for AMRs and Operations.

List blocks

Block Name Description
sequence Sequence Accepts multiple blocks.
in-random-order In random order Accepts multiple blocks that get randomly shuffled.
one-of One of Produces variants for each attached block.

Logic blocks

Block Name Description
if If condition Conditional block. Can have multiple branches.
and AND True if both blocks are true.
or OR True if one of blocks are true.
either-or XOR (Either Or) True if one block is true and another is false.
not NOT True becomes false and false becomes true.


Block Name Description
equal Equality check May be changed to test inequality (≠).
greater-than Greater than check Works with numbers. May be changed to test greater than or equal (>=), less than (<), less than or equal (<=)
is-in Is in check Checks if substring is included string.